Hamez & Grant join Dan

A few weeks ago James (aka Hamez) and I were invited onto Dan Mullins’ My Camino the Podcast. Before replying, I asked Hamez. “Sure,” he said. We all agreed upon a suitable time, a Sunday morning, and we received the zoom invite from Dan.

I’d been listening to Dan’s podcast since 2018 when Hamez and I started planning our 2020 Camino. Spoilers, there was no 2020 Camino for us, or most pilgrims for that matter.

I found Dan’s enthusiasm for the Camino a little addictive. I devoured episodes and listened to several episodes multiple times. The podcast was also a goldmine for tips for things such as albergue or meal locations.

Out 2019 edition of the Brierley guidebook was crammed with my handwritten notes, most derived from the podcast. Come 2022 I had to go through the guidebook page by page to transcribe these notes. We were glad, as many of those suggestions we followed. Some, sadly we couldn’t. For example, Casa Susi in Trabadelo was closed for renovations.

When Dan came into our zoom, there was his familiar voice. It was instantly calming. He was a lovely bloke, not that we expected anything different. Hamez was impressed. The time flew by and we were soon wishing each other a Buen Camino as more pilgrims and stories came to mind. We sadly had to finish up. After all, Dan does this in his spare time.

Our episode was edited and went live a few days later.

Hamez and I were both grateful for the opportunity to share our experience on the Camino. It definitely felt like another wonderful way that the Camino keeps providing.

As Molly Meldrum used to say on Countdown, do yourself a favour and give it a listen.

Buen Camino!



  1. smccarthytwomey says:

    Hi lads it’s siobhan from Ireland 🇮🇪, Alice is busy in Spain at the moment. Love Reading the blog .I’m off to do the meseta next week for two weeks can’t wait . I love reading the blog keep it up .all the best siobhan …. glass of wine had please bare with me 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Siobhan, lovely to hear from you. Great to hear that you are going to be back in the Camino soon. Where are you leaving from, Logrono? Have an amazing time?
      Is Alice walking or working in Spain?
      Take care


      1. smccarthytwomey says:

        Yes I’m doing Logrono to Leon this time .so looking forward to it . Alice isn’t going this time .she’s visiting her mother in law in Spain. Any tips for me


      2. Book an albergue in Najera & visit the cathedral if its open. Stay at the cathedral in Granon, quite the experience. That then leads you to stay at San Anton Abad in Villafranca Montes de Oca, beautiful. When we do it again, we will enjoy a beer in Fromista but stay at the next village of Poblacion. Other than that, what an amazing land you will walk through, we’re so jealous!!! Wish Alice all the best and Buen Camino.


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