The Longs Walk the Camino De Santiago

The Longs, James & his dad, Grant, are walking 800km across Spain on the Camino De Santiago. The Long Camino!

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  • Mawson Trail 2014
    For years I’d been a MAMIL – middle aged man in lycra – racing around the streets of Newcastle on a light racing bike, sipping espressos in cool cafes and…More
  • What is that Photo?
    At the homepage of this blog there is a photograph. It is a solitary figure standing on a hill, a single star still visible above him. I’m sure you’ve all…More
  • Hamez & Grant join Dan
    A few weeks ago James (aka Hamez) and I were invited onto Dan Mullins’ My Camino the Podcast. Before replying, I asked Hamez. “Sure,” he said. We all agreed upon…More
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Pilgrim?
    Two screens blink and ping on the desk in front of me. A meeting has started, do I want to join? I login and a group of faces stare at…More
  • Boring Sh*t – Technical Stuff
    Firstly, this blog was written each night on my iPhone as I lay in bed in albergue. So I apologise for the many spelling and grammatical errors. But hey, it…More
  • A Gift Bestowed – May 2022
    Why walk the Camino? It’s a good question and one that was asked many times as James and I walked across Spain. For the many pilgrims we met along the…More
  • Madrid Peregrinó – 8 – 12 May 2022
    James and I arrived in Madrid on a hot May evening. Our hotel, Praga, was just south of the Rio Manzanares. For miles in either direction, the banks of the…More
  • Madrid Gondola
  • Our Second Last Post? 7 May 2022
    Thursday was such a big day for us, not only in terms of the amount of walking, but also emotionally. It was the culmination of a lot of dreaming, a…More
  • Santiago de Compostela – 5 May 2022
    A piper played a crazy, frenetic song as we made our way under the arch and into the cathedral square. There, after 800km and 33 days, was Santiago’s Cathedral. James…More

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