Santiago de Compostela – 5 May 2022

A piper played a crazy, frenetic song as we made our way under the arch and into the cathedral square. There, after 800km and 33 days, was Santiago’s Cathedral. James and I high fived and hugged. We had arrived.

At the moment it’s hard to process what we have experienced. That can wait for a longer post in the next day or so. For now all I can say is that it has been a joy to spend this time with James. We never fought or had cross words, even though there were many days when this was very difficult for him, me or both of us. He accepted the adventure with an amazing attitude that everyone we have met has acknowledged. It has meant that we have made friends that we will remember for life.

Speaking of which, our Camino family has many members. Some had to leave early and head home. Others we met and they either went ahead or we did, though they remain in our thoughts and hearts.

For now, here are some photos of our last day as pilgrims. Our last day on the Camino.

Second coffees amongst the beer bottles
The oak forest
The eucalyptus forest. We spent a lot of time in these, so much so the last few days felt very Australian. Note the absence of pilgrims.
10km to go!
Overlooking Santiago with a couple of taller peregrinó
Are we there yet?
The piper welcoming us to the Cathedral
James, Compostela in hand
We did it, well either that or we fooled the pilgrims office into giving us Compostela
Gratuitous shot of our very nice hotel, we felt a little out of place
Our Camino brothers, Mads and Mikael. They made this journey so special for us.
Celebration and farewell dinner – James, Mads, James, Mikael, Leo & Grant
The square at night
The Cathedral

So there you have it, our final day on the Camino. More details will follow I’m sure. Oh, one last thing.

The last day!

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  1. Alice says:

    Wow guys. What an EPIC last day! Well done!
    Enjoy Santiago and the well deserved rest! If ye are fans of tortilla try out La Tita for the best in town (they say..😀)
    Alice xo

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